Having an artwork made for you is one of the greatest experiences you can ever have. Not only will you get to live your vision but you will leave a legacy for a millennia. Whether you are an experienced collector or proud art lover we make it easy and enjoyable to commission an artwork. 

Is commissioning an artwork right for me and how do I request it?

    Do you feel like other artworks don’t represent what you truly desire? Do you want to treat yourself and leave a legacy in the process? If yes then commissioning an artwork is in your best interest whether you are an experienced collector or beginner. It is our responsibility to ensure that your commissioning experience is easy and enjoyable. 

May I return a commission?

    Yes but you would only get a refunded 50% of the commissioned piece price due to the time and money investment the artist has made by making the artwork and getting supplies. Your money will be refunded when the piece is returned to the artist. In order to insure the process goes smoothly we encourage that artists maintain contact and provide updates for the buyer.

What is the cost of a Commissioned artwork?

   Costs may vary but generally revolve around size, medium, complexity, and the track record of the artist.

When do I pay for the commission?

    Commissions are paid a nonrefundable 50% upfront in order for the artist to start working. Once the piece is done we will charge you the other 50% before shipping it to you.

Why do commissions cost more than other pieces by the same artist?

    Commissions cost more than other pieces by the same artist because the piece is custom. The artist will also provide you with more attention during the process of completing the piece. Besides their added services they also have to set aside other projects. Generally prices revolve around size, medium, complexity, and the track record of the artist.

How do I get my vision across to the artist for my commission?

    We strive to make the process simple by asking the buyer to specify what size, medium, and concept the piece they want should have. Apart from this we also ask for you to provide photos or other artworks they would like their piece to resemble. To insure that your point gets across the artist will provide you with sketches before beginning your piece. We also encourage you to Skype with the artist for better understanding and clarification of ideas.

How long do commission pieces take?

    Commission pieces may take around 3-12 weeks. However time may vary due to the size, medium, complexity of the piece, and the artist. We try not to rush pieces in order to ensure the best quality possible.

During the commissioning process what kind of contact will I have with the artist and Opacki?

    Upon ordering the commission you will be asked to email your photos/files to the artist. You will be given the artist’s email for you to communicate with each other. We also encourage you to Skype with artists in order to get your points across.

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