Why Apply?


Life without art is a tragedy. Art offers the soul inspiration and joy. Original artworks allow for people to connect with the artist on a more personal level. Our mission is to revolutionize how artists do business for the better so that the majority of the people around the globe can have an original artwork they can relate to.

We noticed that the same people one looks for are also looking for them. No one can connect because the don’t have the right exposure. This is the problem that plagues the art industry. Artists who wan’t to make a living most likely have to go through art industry jargon to sell an artwork, only to receive poor commission on their artworks. Thankfully this will be the old way of selling art if you apply to Opacki and help us redefined the art industry.


Artists at Opacki

Artists at Opacki have a bigger audience, sell more art, and most importantly retain 70% on every artwork they sell.

We do not charge you to apply or charge you a monthly fee. Artists never pay shipping, and most importantly there are no contracts, you can sell anywhere while still selling at Opacki.

Let your creativity flow, reach more buyers, and receive more on commissions. Apply to Opacki today and we’ll handle the rest.